Important! New mandatory data breach reporting laws may impact your company.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

External security threats such as malware, exploitable vulnerabilities, spam and phishing attempts have always been a threat to enterprises. Often it is these issues that IT leaders claim as their number one concern. Fortunately, due to the prevalence of the problem, a significant amount of data that highlights its nuances is available for analysis.The most significant threats an enterprise faces come from within. While valid, it is an equal truism that the greatest volume of threats comes from outside. Cybernetic Global Intelligence understands the magnitude of this situation and ensures that appropriate protection is always in place.

Our Action Plan:

  1. Secure your system to meet today’s risks
  1. Restrict network access
  1. Secure your applications
  1. Protect your data
  1. Manage user access rights
  1. Implement security monitoring