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Source Code Review

Source Code Review

If you are developing an app for your business, use WordPress, Joomla, ZenCart or any form of Web Application, then you need to make sure they are properly protected by performing a Source Code Review. A compromised app can lead to poor IT security and result in stolen sessions IDs (cookies), account information theft, database breaches or malicious code being planted on your website, etc.

Source Code Reviews are implemented to find weak code and other vulnerabilities, which are difficult or impossible to find during black box or grey box testing. Cybernetic Global Intelligence researchers conduct code reviews armed with a comprehensive checklist easily exposing architecture errors that many organizations fail to identify. Our expert team will quickly and thoroughly assess your code and provide you with a report containing all vulnerabilities discovered during the analysis.

Our Methodology 

Here is a brief snapshot of our Code review methodology followed by our consultants:

  • Review of your software documentation, coding standards, and guidelines.

  • Discussion with your development team about the application.

  • Identification of security design issues by asking your developers a comprehensive list of security questions.

  • Analyze the areas in the application code which handle functions regarding authentication, session management and data validation.

  • Identification of un-validated data vulnerabilities contained in your code.

  • Identification of poor coding techniques allowing attackers to exploit them for launching targeted attacks.

  • Evaluation of security issues specific to individual framework technologies.

When the code review is complete, we'll provide you with a detailed list of design and code level security vulnerabilities as well as remedial steps for improving overall development process.

Benefits of Source Code Reviews

Happy Customers: Security is a top concern for users and web app providers have the responsibility to ensure the apps they offer will keep user information safe. Proper testing is an integral part of creating a positive user experience and will help guarantee that your users never experience complications with your app and never have to worry about their information being compromised.

Happy Developers: Developers are the ones who bring your app to life and in the process security can often take a back seat when deadlines become an issue. Your development team needs time to focus on working out other kinks and may not have the time or simply the expertise to perform professional grade testing. Empower your team and help your developers stay on track by authorizing us to take care of the testing for you.

Happy You: Receive the peace of mind you and your users deserve by securing your web application from both external and internal threats. The losses your business can suffer if your application is hacked and data is compromised can be irreversible. Don’t let the hard work of developing and designing a web application become obsolete in the case of a data breach. Your business and your users will thank you for it.

Our Review Specialists

All of our specialists are fully accredited with several years of experience in reviewing application design, code and features, across various platforms such as Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, C++, ASP, ASP.Net etc. Have a mobile app? Not to worry, our specialists are highly trained in performing detailed tests across Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms to make sure your users have a safe and pleasant experience.


  • Dedicated Team of Web Application Specialists who focus solely on Web Application Testing.

  • Cost effective and efficient solution that allows your developers to focus on other issues and meet deadlines.

  • Our Specialists are fully GCIA and GCFA certified.

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