Important! New mandatory data breach reporting laws may impact your company.

Incident Response

Incident Response

What will you do if your company is hacked? Do you have a response procedure? Can you determine what data was compromised? Unfortunately, most companies will answer no to these questions. A cyber-attack is something most companies believe won’t happen to them, that they are too small or don’t have any information worth stealing. Until they are hacked. Don’t leave your company’s future to chance, it is imperative to have an incident response protocol and even better to have an Incident Response Team. Having the right people who can deal quickly and effectively with a breach can save your company from thousands if not millions in losses, protect your system from further attacks and determine how and even who was behind the attack.


Minimise Damage: Our Response Team can quickly and effectively determine the extent of the breach, pin point the data that was compromised and set up mitigation procedures to minimise the damage.

Helping Hand: A cyber breach is a stressful and frightening experience and companies shouldn't be left to deal with them alone. We can help you every step of the way, from setting up protection to prevent the attackers coming back for more to determining how the breach occurred and helping you fix the gaps in your security.

Establish Better Procedures: In the world of cyber security, being proactive can solve half the problems. We can work with you to develop safety policies and procedure that all your employees will be able to follow, effectively cutting down on safety risks and ensuring everyone is away of what to do in case of an emergency. Your company performs emergency fire drills, you should conduct security breach drills too!


Our Response Team

When a system is breached, every second counts. Therefore it is important to have a certified IT specialist team who can determine the best coarse of action, respond immediately and restore order to chaos. Our Incident Response Team is fully certified and has years of experience in helping companies respond to cyber threats by gaining back critical systems, patching vulnerabilities and deterring any other incoming attacks. Don't leave your company's safety to chance. 

Proactive Response Assessment

Our Response Assessment will test how prepared your company is to deal a cyber attack, the procedures you currently have in place, the chain of command and communication that occurs in the even of a breach and the timeliness of the response.


In order to test your current security program, our response experts simulate an attacker attempting to gain remote or local access to the business networks, and exploits weaknesses to obtain as much access to sensitive information as possible. These assessments ascertain if an attacker focused their efforts on the business networks, the level of exposure, and/or unauthorized access that may be obtained; as well as testing the Incident Response capabilities of the corporation. The exercises simulate real-world incidents that may affect data and resources, and will be performed concurrently to ensure the IRP is properly implemented, tested, and follows approved policies. Integrating an Attack and Penetration Assessment with the IR Test, provides real-time attacks and assessments that go way beyond traditional Table-Top exercises. Our IR Team will sit down with your company’s IT and security staff to help monitor and identify attacks while the penetration tests are being performed.

Our Action Plan:

  1. Testing and auditing the environment through penetration tests

  2. Response plan reviews

  3. Gaining intelligence with real-life assessments involving actual systems, data and responses

  4. Working with you IT Department  to help create a detailed and easy to follow response plan

  • Professional and Certified Incident Response Team.

  • We can determine the scope of compromised data and identify how the system was hacked.

  • Gives peace of mind in a highly stressful and critical situation.

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