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Beyond the cloud. Data driven agile strategy. The benefits of connecting online and offline. Robotics in the Internet of Things landscape. Why spatial information is important. Humanising technology. The omnichannel retail opportunity. Remote workforces. Proximity marketing and messaging. Live reporting on anything.

These are just some of the topics up for discussion on Friday 11 November for the CLICK! Digital Expo at Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre.

ravin-prasadCybernetic Global Intelligence CEO Ravin Prasad is among a host of industry specialists who’ll be presenting on the day, with a focus on Cybercrime, including:

  • What is cybercrime?
  • The current trends in cybercrime
  • Commonly used cyberattacks
  • The impact cybercrime can have on your business and clients, and
  • Strategies you can put in place to prevent attacks

Find our more about CLICK Digital Expo here.

Keynote Addresses

Ravin has over 15 years’ experience working in the cyber security sphere globally with government departments, corporates, banking finance, law firms and SMBs advising them on how to protect their organisations. If you’re organising a corporate level cyber security conference, or just planning a more intimate event with key employees, Ravin is well qualified to address audiences large and small.

More important than being a highly-engaging topic, the subject of cybersecurity is the single most important aspect of doing business in the digital age.

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