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Why Companies Need MSS Now More Then Ever.

The overwhelming amount of cyber threats targeting businesses today are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In this threat landscape traditional practices involving firewalls and anti-virus software are not enough to protect your business against these threats. Moreover, a vast majority of businesses today lack the necessary competencies or resources to handle their cyber security in-house.

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What Managed Security Services Cover.

To manage the gaps and inconsistencies in their security systems, businesses need to invest in Managed Security Services (MSS). Our MSS is a comprehensive security solution that provides continuous, live monitoring of your system, at every moment of every day, not only detecting attacks or other threats such as malware and virus infiltration, but launching effective counter measures to terminate these attacks before they are successful in penetrating your system.  


  • 24×7x365 Live Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention.

  • Managed Firewall Protection.

  • Live Client Security Dashboard.

  • Updates and patches ensuring you always have the latest protection.

  • Email Filtering - Anti Spam/Anti Malware.

  • Managed Malware Protection.

  • Data Protection and Recovery.

  • Web Filtering and Social Media Safety.

  • More than 160+ certified MSS specialists available around the clock.

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Live Security Dashboard

  • Live Feed of Scans, Assets and Patched Vulnerabilities.

  • View Scheduled Scans and Updates.

  • Monitor Network Health.

  • Easy Reporting to Management.

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