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Why are Managed Security Services so Effective?

Cyber security goes beyond traditional antivirus and malware protection. In today’s threat landscape these practices are not enough to protect your business from sophisticated cyber threats. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide 24/7/365 cyber security to ensure your network is safe no matter the time of day. Regardless of the various IT Security measures you may have in place, you don’t know if your network has been breached and how far an attacker has infiltrated your network. Managed Security Services (MSS) provide live monitoring of your system, detecting any attacks or other threats such as malware and virus infiltration. Our IT Security experts, who possess both GCIA and GCFA certifications, detect the threat, analyse the incident, and launch counter measures to prevent the attack going any further. They can even detect an attack before it has been successful, acting as a virtual guard dog for network. More Information

  • 24×7x365 Live Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Managed Firewall and Malware Protection

  • Live Client Security Dashboard

  • Updates and patches ensuring you always have the latest protection

  • Email Filtering - Anti Spam/Anit Malware

  • More than 250 certified MSS specialists available around the clock to ensure your network is always monitored

  • Ultimate Malware and Phishing Protection

    Our response and prevention procedures include the shutdown of identified phishing websites, email accounts and pharming attacks, as well as implementation of counter-measures to feed dummy data to attackers and tracking them though Phish tagging and automated submission of tracking credentials to prevent these attackers from targeting your systems in the future.

  • On-demand or scheduled vulnerability scanning

    Our custom-built vulnerability management portal allows you to choose the frequency and intensity of scanning of your essential system assets, to ensure that your public-facing IP addresses are being monitored on a regular basis for any vulnerabilities.

  • Never worry about outdated systems again.

    Fully serviced updates and patches ensuring you always have the latest protection.

  • Exceptional Team of Certified MSS Specialists

    More than 250 certified MSS specialists available around the clock to ensure your network is always monitored.

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