Important! New mandatory data breach reporting laws may impact your company.

Cybernetic Global Intelligence (CGI), together with its long-term technological partner, Network Intelligence (NI), a leading Asia-Pacific provider of information security services and consultancy of network solutions, is now able to provide a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance service to the Australian Market.  Through this joint force alliance, by unifying vulnerability information, both personal and business, with the topological context of assets in this network partnership, customers of both firms are provided with the utmost comprehensive threat and vulnerability risk management in relation to their associations with meeting PCI compliance standards.

“As threats against the PCI and business databases continue to increase, we believe the acquisition of this testing is a perfect fit for customers seeking to avoid liability of a breach, and avoid the hefty fines that come along with not sufficiently protecting your customer’s credit card information,” said Ravin Prasad, CEO of Cybernetic Global Intelligence. “We are grateful for our partnership with NI and will continue to form a united security services front, benefiting our customers in Australia & New Zealand with more global experience and expertise.”

For all networks, the implementation and management of various complex access rules in routers, firewalls and other network infrastructure distributed across thousands of endpoints is generally required. Due to this combination of rules, endpoints and vulnerabilities that the endpoints may possess, enterprise risk management becomes a very complex practice. Manually determining what is responsible for unwanted access in this case may not always be possible. Securing unwanted open access paths and management of business systems to avoid cyber attacks and intruders gaining access to critical personal payment card data and information is therefore pertinent.

“Using the combined knowledge and information of both companies maximizes security capabilities, and enables organisations to focus on their most immediate PCI security risks and overall improve their security posture as a result of this,” said Panashe Muzenda, Business Development Manager of Cybernetic Global Intelligence.

Businesses within the CGI network, through the integration of this testing availability are now provided with a comprehensive management of threat and vulnerability risks by unifying vulnerability payment card data information, while in turn creating a secure network for the client, and a topological context of network assets. NI, on top of providing security assessments, solutions, software products, remediation, and breach response, also offers advisory. Complementary to this, CGI provides security audits, penetration testing, managed security services, and web application security. Uniting these efforts together, an effective and secure method for businesses to become PCI compliant is then established.

“Today’s enterprise networks are complex and ever-changing, making it extremely challenging to identify key points of attack risk on an ongoing basis,” said Kanwal Mookey, Founder and Director of NII. “Combining two powerful technologies, our alliance provides customers with a new approach to understanding their risk and prioritizing remediation efforts in a meaningful and effective way to becoming PCI compliant.”

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