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CGI GITC accreditation

Cybernetic Global Intelligence, a Cyber Security solutions provider, were GITC approved earlier this week. This accreditation is the result of a rigorous approval process, where Cybernetic demonstrated the high quality of their IT security services. GITC is Queensland’s leading accreditation for companies who provide services to government departments and agencies. Businesses who do not possess this accreditation are seriously hindered, as government buyers require suppliers to have GITC accreditation, otherwise they fail to abide by the State Purchasing Policy through Information Standard 13 and are not protected by the provisions of the GITC.

The GITC approval came just days after Cybernetic was awarded a QAssure accreditation.

The Cybernetic’s CEO, Ravin Prasad commented: “This is another great achievement for us! It strengthens our credibility as a leading iT Security provider and opens more doors, especially into government works. It also reassures our current clients that we are actively pursuing higher quality and better services to make sure they are always getting the best value and protection.

Mr Prasad also reflected on why the company is prospering, saying that Cybernetic’s focus on client safety has been the key. “Their safety is our priority and the reason we created this company in the first place: to give companies peace of mind when it comes to their cyber security. They have the right to work and conduct business in a safe digital environment.”

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