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Security Subscription Packages

Get the right level of protection for your company! Our security subscription packages help:

1. Reduce the time spent on sourcing from several IT Security providers,

2. Help streamline compliance and

3. Empower your internal IT team to focus on essential day-to-day tasks.

Not only are our security subscription packages extremely cost-effective, but the professional level of the highly comprehensive and manual tests ensures your business is receiving industry leading cyber security services and not budget automated scans.



Available Packages

    • from $800/mo
    • 1 Test Annually*
    • 10% Off Additional Services*
    • Priority Services
    • Shared Account Manager
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    • from $2000/mo
    • 3 Tests Annually*
    • 20% Off Additional Services*
    • Free Advisory Services
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Choose this Plan

    • from $5000/mo
    • Live 24/7 Network Monitoring
    • 1 x Security Audit
    • Unlimited Vulnerability Scanning
    • On-demand Architectural Investigation
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Benefits of having a Cyber Security Subscription


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Cyber attacks are costing companies millions of dollars


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Billing & Package F.A.Q



Which tests can I choose?

As part of your package you can choose any Penetration Test, Web Application Test, Vulnerability Assessment, or a combination of these depending on your package.


How will I be billed?

You will be invoiced monthly for the duration of your contact. Please note that our packages are contracted for 12 months.


What is included in the Advisory Services?

As part of the Business and Enterprise Package you will have access to free consulting services to address any security concerns your company faces in the future.


Which services can I use my package discount on?

You can use your discount (% varies depending on package) on any additional services throughout the board, except security audits.


How many test can I have done?

This varies depending on your subscription package, however you can always upgrade if you find you need more testing performed or purchase a one-off service.


What is an Architectural Investigation?

As part of our Enterprise package you are eligible for a thorough network and systems review. This will identify and analyse you current structure for weaknesses and give you a detailed best-practise tailored to your companies needs.