Important! New mandatory data breach reporting laws may impact your company.


The number of cyber attacks on Australian businesses has ‘skyrocketed’ over the last 12 months according to Richard Bergman, Cyber and Forensic Partner at PwC. Bergman says that the number of incidents linked to organised crime have increased by 45 percent over the last year. Unfortunately, organised crime is not the only perpetrator.  Nation states employ hackers that aim to steal information about government infrastructure, particularly intellectual property.

Incidents of ransomware, normally delivered via phishing emails that introduce malicious code into company networks increased by 29 percent during 2015 according to the The Telstra Cyber Security Report (2016). Ransoms for the ‘unlock’ code have been known to be as high as $10,000. Companies are advised to never pay theses ransoms, as doing so can make them a target of further and potentially more sophisticated attacks

The number of potential new threats is staggering, with around 200,000 new malware variants appearing each day. Organisations should be proactive in setting preventative measures on their networks and training staff to recognise threats. 

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