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Cybernetic Global Intelligence

Cybernetic Global Intelligence is a global IT Security firm that helps companies protect their data and minimize their vulnerability to cyber threats through a range of services such as Security AuditsPenetration TestingManaged Security Services, Web Application Security, and many more. Our services are carried out by certified IT specialists who have made protecting companies from cyber crime there key mission.

Cybernetic Global Intelligence is backed by more than 20 years experience from leading IT security experts and researchers from all around the world. Formed in 2009, we are an emerging and quickly growing company with an exceptional advantage: our security experts are not only employees, they hold a stake in the business. This provides us with committed and empowered employees who are constantly acquiring new qualifications and striving to stay at the forefront of IT Security.

We are located in the heart of Brisbane's CBD, yet have a global presence with clients spanning the Asian-Pacific region, Europe, USA, Middle East and of course Australia and New Zealand. 

Run Your Business. We'll Protect It.

Our motto is our core belief. We believe that companies should be able to operate in a safe and secure environment where innovation is heralded and privacy is protected. Our services allow companies to do what they do best without the added pressure of cyber threats. So run your business, and let us protect it.


Would you like us to be part of your event?

At Cybernetic, we are always looking for conferences and seminars where we can share our knowledge and expertise on cyber security and give listeners practical tools to protect themselves from cyber threats.

While we live and breathe cyber security, our topics range from beginner level to in-depth for experts. We can also easily customise our talks to make them more applicable to your participants and industry.

For all speaking enquiries please write to us at