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Our Client Benefits

We value our customers. Your cyber security is our key goal. However, making your life easier is also a priority. That is why we have surveyed our customers to find out the most common issues businesses face in regards to cyber security. Out of the overwhelming response, we discovered 3 key problems:

1. Not enough time to develop a detailed Cyber Security Policy and to train staff on these procedures.

2. Not 100% guaranteed that the vulnerabilities discovered during testing have been fixed once and for all.

3. The lack of extensive IT Security expertise to deal with advanced cyber attacks and threats.

To help remedy these issues and ensure your business and employees are not left alone to fend for themselves, we have created 3 'Cybernetic Client Benefits' that all of our customers can use at their discretion and convenience. 

These benefits include:


Getting a whole company on the same page when it comes to cyber safety can be frustrating and tedious. We've have come up with the ultimate cyber safety 'crash-course' that will arm your employees with everything they need to know about malware, email phishing, BYOD security, antiviruses, social engineering, and more. Our training sessions are run in-house for your convenience and run for around 45-60mins. Every training course also comes with a free Cyber Safety Policy you can customise to fit to your companies needs. (Available with any service.)


There's nothing worse then being unsure of your safety. To give our clients peace of mind regarding the actions they have taken to secure their systems and conclude whether they have been successful, we will provide a free 're-test' on whatever service we previously conducted. This will ensue that our clients systems are indeed secure and the vulnerabilities that were discovered during the testing phase have been dealt with and are no longer exploitable by cyber criminals. (Available with every service.)


As cyber threats evolve and grow in both number and gravity, IT teams find it hard to balance demanding everyday duties and the required time to keep up with the never ending list of threats. Our IT experts are ready to give guidance and training to your IT team, arming them with must-have knowledge on how to properly secure you systems against serious threats and how to streamline certain IT processes for better efficiency. (Currently only available to clients who purchase a minimum of 2 services per year, or who are under a yearly MSS contract.)



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