Important! New mandatory data breach reporting laws may impact your company.


Loss of customer loyalty While both public and private sectors continue to be plagued by large-scale data breaches and ransom-ware schemes, the increased awareness has not translated into increased preparedness. In today’s society, data theft is a reality that organisations of all sizes and all industries need to be conscious of. Organisations, instead of asking […]

Many businesses believe they do not require the need to become PCI compliant. However, anyone or any business that uses credit or debit cards transactions involving a point of sale device is often more at risk than those who store, processes or transmits cardholder data. This is a very common misconception. Merchants also make the […]

Cybernetic Global Intelligence (CGI), together with its long-term technological partner, Network Intelligence (NI), a leading Asia-Pacific provider of information security services and consultancy of network solutions, is now able to provide a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance service to the Australian Market.  Through this joint force alliance, by unifying vulnerability information, both personal and business, […]

CLICK! | Connect. Learn. Innovate. Create. Kickstart! Beyond the cloud. Data driven agile strategy. The benefits of connecting online and offline. Robotics in the Internet of Things landscape. Why spatial information is important. Humanising technology. The omnichannel retail opportunity. Remote workforces. Proximity marketing and messaging. Live reporting on anything. These are just some of the […]

Each year, through Stay Smart Online Week, the Australian Government works in collaboration with other agencies, industry, small business operators and community groups to raise awareness about the ways people can protect themselves online. Cybernetic Global Intelligence is proud to be an official partner of this year’s Stay Smart Online Week, being held from 10-14 […]

A recent wave of ransomware attacks in the US had led the FBI to encourage payment of ransoms, but it has since back-flipped on this stance saying paying ransoms only “encourages them to extort the next person”. Ransomware. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie which has nothing to do with your life? Chances […]

A complacent attitude to cyber security by many SMEs and a belief that their data would be of little interest to hackers means that many SMEs are under-protected. Many small businesses believe their current outsourced IT arrangement offers them full protection against potential threats. This is often not the case. Although many service providers do […]